07. 07. 2017

The unicorns have been let loose

Unicorns are now everywhere. The hype over the rare pink mythical creature is growing inexorably. They can be found as decorative items, on shower gel, chocolate and t-shirts. They have been all over social media for ages. Delico is now bringing unicorns to the dinner table in Switzerland – as a magical cake of the finest quality!

The cream cake in striking packaging is baked with the finest strawberry cream prepared with fresh strawberries on a light cake mix and deep frozen. The unicorn marzipan decoration, a crown of white cream tufts and blue stars round off the attractive motif topping. "Be yourself, simply one of a kind!" says the message behind the unicorn products. This unicorn cake therefore makes your party one of a kind!

16. 05. 2017

Great cakes come in small packages

We've all been there: we want to try every kind of cake at the buffet rather than pick just one. Thanks to our newest creation, the Mini Cake, you don't have to choose. Whether it's carrot or lemon slices, brownies with pecans or pinky crème, these small portions finally let us nibble to our heart's content. The advantages of these trendy "minis" are convincing: they are quickly and easily prepared, and an eye-catcher at any dessert buffet.