The Brand for Professional Chefs

Caterline not only stands for top quality, but also offers caterers alternative solutions. Modern catering often happily relies on convenience products from the frozen food sector – and for good reason! Freezing food is one of the few preservation methods that maintains the quality and flavour of products without the use of preservatives. The preparation of fresh, high-quality food is a basic prerequisite for fulfilling our customers' requirements.

Vegetable Schnitzel
Mushroom and cream cheese rösti rolls
Courgette and herb filled pancakes (crêpes)
Lentil dumplings, vegan
Vegetable strudel
Spinach and mozzarella dumplings
Sliced bread dumplings
Crêpes/ Austrian pancakes
Nougat quark dumplings
Apple strudel, ready to bake
Kaiserschmarrn Austrian torn pancakes
Crispy apple rings
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