Vegan delight for burger fans

The revolutionary pea-based Beyond Burger looks just like a beef burger. And it tastes like one, too! Grilled until crispy, succulent in the mouth and beautifully juicy, the Beyond Burger makes the hearts of all barbecue fans beat faster. What’s more, it also thrills those who prefer to avoid meat. Because no animals have to die for the Beyond Burger. The tasty burger patty is made purely from plants, is healthy and protects natural resources.

Almost too good to be true. So: give it a try!

And that’s not all! Beyond Meat also has lots of other impressive products:

Beyond Sausage The modern way to enjoy sausages. Packed full of delicious plant-based ingredients all ready for your barbecue.

Beyond Mince Offering simple diversity and deliciousness at all times, it transforms every recipe into a meaty, plant-based favourite dish.

Beyond Meatballs Juicy plant-based meatballs with a hint of Italian herbs go with so many delicious dishes and can be prepared in no time at all.

Beyond Chicken These vegan chicken tenders are crispy on the outside and juicy and meaty on the inside. Just the way we love them - but without compromise.

Beyond Burger
Beyond Mince
Beyond Sausage
Beyond Meatballs
Beyond Chicken
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