Banana Chips – sometimes life is a jungle!

Our cousins swing from branch to branch every day and need to keep their energy up. It’s common knowledge that a monkey’s favourite food is bananas. We humans also know and love the jungle fruit! But what about bananas as a snack in the form of chips?

Junglee Jack Banana Chips are made from freshly harvested bananas cut into thin slices by hand and baked in small batches until golden brown. As soon as the banana chips are crispy enough, they are seasoned with various types of seasoning.

The chips come in two flavours: one seasoned with natural sea salt from the depths of the Mediterranean and the other with a sweet and spicy BBQ flavour.

There’s only one thing left to do: open the bag and enjoy!

Junglee Jack Bananenchips Sea Salt 75 g
Junglee Jack Bananenchips BBQ 75 g
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