Purely plantain crisps

Thinly sliced, crisply fried and seasoned with salt, they taste just as crunchy and delicious as their potato counterparts from the supermarket – and contain on average 30 per cent less fat than conventional crisps! Plantain crisps from Purely are a healthy snack infused with the mild sweetness of the Ecuadorian sun. The British manufacturer Purely creates a crispy and savoury everyday snack from nutrient-rich plantains.

- no palm oil
- no additives
- no preservatives
- vegan
- gluten-free

Plantains are a delicious relative of the banana packed with flavour. They’re great as a snack, at break time and even during workouts.

Purely Plantain Chips Sea Salt 75 g
Purely Plantain Chips Nice & Spicy 75 g
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