The first 100-percent Swiss chilli sauce is here!

The first 100-percent Swiss chilli sauce is here!

The popular Baergfeuer chilli sauce has already been produced in Switzerland for ten years now, and it's "Swissness" is now going to get even better. Not only is it made with Swiss spirit vinegar and salt, it is now also manufactured with Swiss chilli peppers - by hand and, what's more, climate-neutrally. This makes it even more of a genuine alternative to factory-made chilli sauces.

50 times hotter than jalapeños
Only fresh habanero chilli peppers are used for Baergfeuer chilli sauce. And these are not from Havana, as the name suggests, but from Aargau. Habaneros are among the most colourful and, above all, hottest chillies in the world, but at the same time they also have certain tropical fruity notes. The particularly fruity spiciness, an intense chilli aroma and a strong red colour are also characteristic of Baergfeuer chilli sauce.

By the way: Baergfeuer mustard and Baergfeuer mayonnaise also contain eight percent Baergfeuer chilli sauce. So it's no wonder they're both "spicily good" - definitely worth trying out!

Handmade in Aargau
The first 100-percent Swiss chilli sauce was made possible thanks to the collaboration of several innovative entrepreneurs.

The habanero seedlings are planted in the canton of Aargau - in Wohlenschwil to be precise - where they ripen into spicy, red chillies. Just a few kilometres away, the fresh habanero chillies are then chopped and mashed with high quality Swiss spirit vinegar. This mash then matures in a rock cellar, is repeatedly mixed and constantly monitored until, in the final step, it is gently pressed and enriched with a little salt.

Last but not least, the Baergfeuer chilli sauce is bottled in 50 ml bottles at an educational facility in Thurgau. This educational facility in Sommeri is for people with disabilities and offers attractive training, living and working opportunities.

The taste is even better with climate neutrality
The switch to chillies from Swiss cultivation and the associated optimisations throughout the entire production process of Baergfeuer chilli sauce - just think of the shorter transport routes, for example - have yet another advantage: Baergfeuer chilli sauce is climate-neutral, and in future will have the corresponding label.

Delico AG, together with the independent company ClimatePartner, calculated the carbon emissions for the Baergfeuer chilli sauce along the entire value chain, and a carbon footprint, officially called Product Carbon Footprint, was created.

Delico AG will offset the carbon emissions that are unavoidable despite all efforts by supporting a recognised climate protection project that is certified according to international standards. Specifically, this is a project in the Mataven region of Colombia that protects 1'150'200 hectares of tropical rainforest and preserves its biodiversity. This involves working hand in hand with communities to improve the living conditions of the population and promote sustainable economic growth. You can learn more about this project by following the link below.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
1. No Poverty
The project supports one of the most vulnerable communities in Colombia, around 16'000 indigenous people in 6 different ethnic groups.

2. Zero Hunger
Ensuring food security and proper nutrition for 3'600 families.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
The project is improving the well-being of 16'000 people, including the construction of 6 community healthcare centers.

4. Quality Education
Enhancing education access and learning conditions for children.

5. Gender Equality
The project is raising the participation and empowerment of 7'600 indigenous women.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
The project built around 30 solar-powered pumps for drinking water and wastewater treatment.

10. Reduced Inequalities
Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth for 265 indigenous communities.

13. Climate Action
The project saves an average of 3'600'000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

15. Life on Land
Protecting the biodiversity of Orinoco – Amazon transition zone; including 249 bird species, 198 butterfly species, 33 dung beetle species, 121 plant species, among others.

Pictures by Kreativagentur Friedli


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